Affordable Professional Desktop 3D Printer – Rapide One

What is Rapide One?

Rapide One is an affordable professional desktop 3D Printer. What makes Rapide One unique is it has been built from the ground up with the goal of creating a fully functional desktop 3D printer, which fits the gap in the market between high-end 3D printers and the hobbyist 3D printers currently available.

Rapide One is fully enclosed to ensure a constant temperature throughout the build and to make the printer office, school and home safe. There are two large Plexiglas viewing panels, which allow easy viewing during the build. The constant temperature reduces the cracking and shrinking issues open 3D Printers have and it increases the build success rate substantially.

Rapide One has a full cartridge system built into the top of the printer to reduce over all size and to make usage simple and easy with zero mess, which is common with external, mounted spools. You can choose to use a cartridge or just load material into the top of the machine without a cartridge. The cartridge system allows users to change color and material type for each print easily and quickly.

Unlike all the other current desktop 3D Printers Rapide One is designed to be plug and play. Due to the unique enclosed housing and cartridge system you just set the print up, click start and walk away. When the build is complete you simply return and remove. This opens up endless possibilities for ‘bot queues’ and ‘print shops’ because the requirement to supervise each build is no longer required.

Rapide One is ideal for office, school or home use. It is as quiet as it is efficient as it is safe. There are no over powering fumes, no constant rattle and being enclosed no way for anyone to interrupt the build by placing objects or hands into the printer when in operation.

Rapide One is the answer to the current dilemma facing those wanting to utilize the benefits of a 3D Printer without all the negatives of fumes, noise and safety. Rapide One is ‘more than just a box’ it is a complete solution and the next generation in desktop 3D Printing.

Rapide One will have a RRP of $2499 when it is released mid 2014.

Now, let’s see what you can achieve with a 3D printer.  This following video demonstrate’s how individual’s are empowered to design their own prosthetics.  A noble use!!

There are a couple model’s on the market, Rapide One has been designed to be more compact, look good and offer a wider choice of printable plastics.  Design has been one of the main focus area’s for Rapide, probably with the aim to become the desktop choice for creative agencies.  For more information visit the site: