Canon C100

With the success of the Canon C300 and the upcoming highly anticipated launch of the Canon C500 – Canon have also announced (but fell somewhat under the radar) the Canon C100.

OK – what’s different…

Canon C100Slight difference with this camera is it used SDHC media,  I do however, anticipate an increase in corrupted cards….time will tell.The Canon C100 is 15% smaller than the C300 and will film full HD at 24Mb/s (half that of the C300) – AVCHD MPEG-4 4:2:0 codec.  If the camera wasn’t easy enough to operate, they have incorporated a range of push buttons that simplify the operation of specific functions.  A new wide dynamic range gamma setting which will reduce the need for colour correction in post.


Oh and don’t forget the price….expected to retail at less than £5K inc VAT, it clearly will appeal to budget conscious film makers and productions.

Thoughts…..interesting, but i’m not sure i can get over the 24MB/s and 4:2:0 colour sampling will be sufficient, I guess it’s all down to the output.  Web video meet your maker 🙂