Future of data storage?

I came across this rather intriguing product about a year ago and alway thought that i should write about this….the good news is, it’s still awaiting an ETA on a release date.

The geek inside me gets very excited about the potential increases in work flow efficiency.  Just imagine a PCIe storage device that sits directly on the motherboard with a read/write speed of 2800MB/s thats right….we are talking 31x faster than your standard HD (7200rpm – 90MB/s average) and 6x faster then the best selling SSD (who claim to have a write speed of 500MB/s) – who can argue with that.  The bell just keeps ringing, this card boosts a 3.2TB capacity – enough to hold a fair amount of your footage to get to work with.

SSD Raid

The way i see it, complete all your post production work directly from this device – backing up to your usual external RAID.

One slight snag – which will change with time – it’s retail price is £14,241.56 inc VAT – Is your production worth it?  Fear not, there is also lower capacity variations which may suit your budget.

If you would like to check it out, here is the link to Scan, a very reliable retailer for any computer component, i’ve used them for years and couldn’t recommend them enough.