Destined for cult status – Kung Fury

When a kickstart campaign has huge success in such a short time, you have to take notice!  In just 3 days this project raised 150% of it’s target, with 27 days remaining I imagine it will raise a substantial amount more than it’s current $311K.  Without the usual celebrity associated success stories, why exactly is this project so appealing.  With it’s comic book/video game style, 80’s vibe and characters ranging from the kung fu master in the form of Adolf Hitler to the god of thunder, Thor… the global audience obviously want this project to reach it’s secondary goal of $1m to transform this visual wonder to a fitting feature length.  It has a quirk that usually comes from the foreign film market, where the Hollywood way isn’t the only way!!

Campaign Content: This campaign is rich with information.  A project that has already been created to a certain extent has the advantage of providing great visuals to aid the creative treatment.  Involve the public in the film making journey.

Kung Fury 1

Kung Fury 2

Kung Fury 3

Perks: Ranging from digital copies to playing a major role in the film, the perks are a hit with the Kickstarter community.  The main bulk coming from the low end perks and ultimately what people want – a copy of the film, either download or blu-ray.  This goes to show the power of budget donations, so get creative!  With the high end, actual involvement with the project, a chance to be apart of the film… but limited to the first few – Gone.  The mid range perks, usually special addition merchandise and exclusive previews have little interest, and ultimately contribute a smaller $$ to the project after you consider the costs.

The common mistake with a growing demand for crowd funding projects is the belief that people want to give money away.  This may be true, but for the right project.  A technological advancement or an especially creative project appeal to myself, even then it will need to be a special case – such as this project.

Check out the project details and watch the video here:

Can’t wait to see the final version.  Keep the creative juices flowing!