Lapa – The social lost & found

As someone who has lost a valuable item… and to make it worse, abroad! This would have come in very handy.  Sore moment over and a solution found.  Lapa is a social lost and found device… Social device, what does that mean and how.  Simple, you attach a small sensor to each item you treasure and link this to you Lapa account.  When they go missing, the device is can be tracked.  Extremely useful if your treasure is your child or pet.  These are the 6 feature’s:


Everyone would love to track their lost item’s as if they were on some old school sci-fi film, so this feature offer’s you just that.  Check the radar and follow the beep.


Your smartphone will alert you when you have moved a certain distance from your item.  Perfect, let’s just hope your item isn’t in a taxi as it drive’s away, that would be a fun run…


The simple way to remind you where you left your stuff… on a map.


Share access to your Lapas with friends, via Facebook or e-mail and see if they can help you find your item’s.


Now, this is where the Lapa start’s to show it’s unique benefit’s, providing there is a network of people that have the app installed on their smartphone.  When another Lapa user passes by your item it will be updated on the network.  So if your bag goes for a walk then it’s location will be continuously updated.


If all fail’s you can report your Lapa to the public and everyone can see where and when it was lost, access its profile, scan it and return it to you.  Well that’s in a trusting world, you will need to rely on the honesty of other’s to return your item – or you are providing them will all the information they need to pocket your valuable’s.

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Here is the promotional video for Lapa, explaining my waffle with visual aid’s 🙂