Mars One – 2023 Inhabitant wanted

Mars One – a reality TV show or next step in human progression… tough call. It’s a one way trip and already they have a huge number of applicants… is it just me, or do you think this is crazy as well? Anyone who know’s me would say that they could imagine me doing this… One difference – I appreciate home and would want to return to it. The moment they step on to the space craft, their lives are no longer theirs, they will continue on as a project function… The initial stage will be 4 people, can you imagine spending that much time with 3 other people in a close confined space… they’ll be lucky if they make it to Mars before they finish each other off.

Are you crazy enough to apply… you can’t be worse than the stiffs on these applicant videos… remember this will be a TV show – as much as they want a specialist, you need to be entertaining for the camera’s – otherwise, this will just be a scientific journal and broadcasters won’t invest and help fund the project. Make sure your doing this for the right reasons…this shouldn’t be a light decision.

Here is the promotional video Mars One have put together – enjoy!