Panono Ball 360˚ Camera

Will this be the GoPro of the photography world.  Granted the GoPro can take pictures, but nothing that will blow you mind.  The Panono Ball will take your holiday pic’s to a whole new 360˚ level.  Just think, a festival, graduation, work function, it could even be used in an inventive way to propose to that special someone.

The creator Jonas Pfeil was taking a break from working on his master’s degree in computer engineering, on an adventure in Tonga when the idea came to him.  At the time the process of taking a panoramic picture was a process of taking multiple photo’s and stitching them together on a computer.  Jonas was not the only person to see the potential in panoramic’s, seeing the ability to pan across the horizon to capture the desired picture is now available on most camera’s.  The main difference here, the user can rotate around the image and see the picture in all it’s 360˚ glory.

The technology has been developed with the accompanying mobile app to allow for an easy transfer of the image from the Panono Ball -> phone -> the rest of the world.  The ball itself is a combination of 36 fixed focus camera’s covering all the angles, encapsulated in a tough clear plastic.  With a diameter of 11cm, I foresee this being greatly decreased in future versions – maybe more of a pocket friendly version.

Panono Ball Specs

The Panono Camera has an international patent pending and is expected to be available in third-quarter 2014.

Below are a few example’s of the 360˚ experience: